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MLAG meets the Transport Minister, David Jamieson MP and Michael Foster MP
Some of the MLAG committee on their way to Hastings, John Kitcher,Pauline Kingswood in front, Richard Holmes and Kenneth Bird Behind The Ministers and the committee board the train at Hastings Richard Holmes wastes no time in putting the case to David Jamieson and Michael Foster
The ministers talk to the driver John Kitcher and Kenneth Bird make sure our chairman has all the information he needs at his fingertips on the way to Rye David Jamieson talks to Richard, who is joined by Peter Porter, a member of the Railway Passenger committee of the south of England, Micheal Foster reinforces a point.
Brief Photo Opportunity at Rye before the minister continues to Ashford. Geoff Lyus behind who joined at Rye.
 Pictures of the Marsh Link
Class 205 waiting at Appledore station- by John Hendy 2003 Class 207 crossing the marsh- by John Hendy 2003 Class 205 -working hard since 1957 and showing it's age - John Hendy 2003 Non-corridor unit 205 5018 arrives at Rye on time to the second while operating the 1331 Hastings to Ashford on Saturday 3rd May 2003- John Stedman
School children boarding Class 207 ( Introduced 1961) at Rye-by John Hendy 2003

Green Goddess Approaches -photo by Mark Westcott
Green Goddess Arrives

Green Goddess Departs- photo by Mark Westcott
Green Goddess departs